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Our DeFi swap service is connected to top decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers. When you execute a swap through CryptheSwap (CtS), your order is routed to the sources offering the best prices on the market.

Swap your tokens below to get the best prices across all decentralized crypto exchanges.

Automatic insurance through Nexus Mutual

Users are covered for up to 600 ETH in the event that funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug

How DeFi CryptheSwap service use

You can use our DeFi swap service for Coinbase, Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, WalletConnect, Formatic, SquareLink, Authereum, Portis, Torus wallets. 5600+ pairs and one of the lowest fees on the market 0,3%.

Just set amount of your desired cryptocurrency, connect your wallet and set gas price.

Can you trade Bitcoin using this?

You can trade wBTC, which is wrapped bitcoin on the ethereum network and we are looking into ways of trading bitcoin/BTC directly. There are a bunch of other BTC projects being built on Ethereum to support this, but we’re also working on other integrations for the future.

Can you add crypto with dollars, euros, yen or pound?

No, there is no way to add crypto to your wallet via fiat money through this plugin. This plugin integrates with all the most popular 3rd party wallets and many of them have options. It does enable trading using the most popular stablecoins like DAI, USDC, TUSD, GUSD though.

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Get a better price for your tokens 99% of the time when you swap on cryptheory swap service instead of a single DEX.

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